Humboldt County Proof of Origin

The Participants

CARE Cooperative, Inc.

CARE Cooperative, Inc. is a medical cannabis processing cooperative specializing in CO2 extraction of cannabinoids for manufacturers of infused, smokable, topical, or other products. We provide bulk concentrate on-demand to manufacturers for their infused products.

EcoMeds LLC

EcoMeds is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, highest potency medicines from the pure mountain air of Humboldt County, California. Our products are 100% sun-grown and rainwater nourished, using natural, environmentally sustainable nutrients. Each strain is locally bred and hand-selected by our master grower for your enjoyment. Please share your suggestions or comments with us at Thanks!

Emerald Family Farms

Emerald Family Farms is a collection of Master Growers from Northern California's Emerald Triangle. We call Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity counties our homes. Cannabis is a way of life; it's all around us; it's part of our culture, our history, and our legacy. The EFF family consists of master gardeners, breeders, healers and small batch private reserve farmers. We set the standard by growing naturally and by following best management practices. We're committed to going above and beyond what county and state ordinances require by striving for water independence and fully environmentally mitigated farms. The independent farms that are part of the EFF family create their own brands and have their own identity. However, we collaborate to breed unique strains for each farm's own terroir and to share knowledge and resources for the common good.

High Mountain Holistics LLC

Natural Cannabis Cultivators

Honeydew Farms

Honeydew Farms is Humboldt County's first permitted Cannabis Farm. Located in the highly coveted Mattole Valley, our 600-acre agricultural preserve lies in the foothills of the Lost Coast's Kings Range. The Mattole's unique micro climate, with its hot days and cool nights, creates the perfect environment, and combined with our over 25 years of cultivating experience in Honeydew, we produce some of the world's finest medical Cannabis. Our cultivation sites range in elevation from our valley floor at 200 feet, to our ridge tops at 900 feet, creating distinct differences in our batches. At Honeydew Farms, we pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious stewards of our historic ranch and farm. With abundant surface water from the Mattole River, Honeydew Creek, and Beartrap creek, we pride ourselves in the fact that none of this water is diverted for cultivation of our fine Cannabis. Honeydew Farms uses only the finest natural amendments to build our living soils. We reuse all soils each season and support local companies for our products. We truly believe that the world is a better place with medical cannabis and it is our goal to bring you the finest environmentally conscious cannabis available.

Hum Bud Collective

Hum Bud Collective is the response to a seismic shift in the industrial topography of the cannabis landscape. As the production of cannabis continues to thrive in California there will be an inevitable need to adopt new business strategies in order to address the rising number of cannabis cultivators and the rapidly increasing pace of production that will subsequently follow. And as the state begins making preparations for the incipient phases of its licensing program (MMRSA), it can be expected that this pace will again quicken in light of big business ventures that sit poised for vertical integration, set to undercut the existing market in Northern California. Hum Bud Collective will offer an array of cannabis-specific processing and concentrate manufacturing services that would otherwise remain unattainable to boutique and mid-level operators. By working synergistically with these cultivators, Hum Bud Collective will provide third-party service solutions that will afford smaller-scale cannabis operators the opportunity to continue to grow, thrive and exist. And in doing so, Hum Bud Collective intends to radically transform California's cannabis market by ensuring the constant, statewide availability of top-shelf quality products that have been cultivated and manufactured in Northern California.

Humboldt Edge Farm

Humboldt Edge Farm is a family-owned and operated farm located on the eastern edge of Humboldt County. The farm is lovingly tended by the owners, who live onsite. The farm's attention to detail and hardworking owners make it one of a kind. We spend our time making sure the medicine we produce for our patients is of the highest quality, a fact that is backed by our test results. Take a walk on the edge with Humboldt Edge.

Humboldt Hills Natural Farms

Humboldt Hills Natural Farms is a Patient Focus Certified farm located in the beautiful mountains of Southern Humboldt County. This farm is dedicated to producing the highest quality medicine possible, free of mold and pesticides. Great care is taken to assure the lowest carbon footprint possible using captured rain water and solar power. Live microbial teas are used to feed the plants, greatly reducing the need for nutrient input. This type of farming practice is pioneering farming for a sustainable future for our planet. We are proud of our product and the quality we bring to patients!

Humboldt sun growers guild logo

Humboldt Sun Growers Guild

Humboldt Sun Growers Guild (HSGG) is a network of Humboldt County cannabis farmers all pursuing licensure and permitting both locally and with the State of California. All cannabis offered through HSGG is branded currently under the Brand "True Humboldt". Other value brands and value-added product brands are currently under development. Please visit our website for more information.

Ladybug Herbal Sanctuary

Ladybug Herbal Sanctuary is dedicated to creating a space to develop and study cannabis and herbal plant-based medicine and products. Our family-run farm is committed to using best management practices to grow the best healthiest cannabis for patients.

Murphy Mountain

Murphy Mountain is a rural medical cannabis farm located in a unique climate of the Redwood Valley in Humboldt County, CA with a focus on award-winning, natural, low-energy, and salmon-safe cannabis. All of the water used for cultivation on Murphy Mountain comes from a fully permitted rainwater catchment pond, which makes using any groundwater or stream water unnecessary. Murphy Mountain's greenhouses are designed to operate with the least amount of energy while still cultivating the highest quality cleanest flowers.

On Point Farms logo

On Point Farms

On Point Farms—an indoor and mixed light cultivation center and cannabis processing facility—combines the proven best productive growing methodologies from both indoor and outdoor schools of growing in order to produce premiere top-shelf and artisanal quality, medicinal flower product. As the cannabis industry in California continues to grow at exponential rates, the market has become inundated by a steady flow of substandard products that have been grown by inexperienced cultivators simply attempting to capitalize on the green rush. On Point Farms prides itself on its ability to produce the most potent, pure, and indoor-quality consistent cannabis products while maintaining a cost of goods sold (COGS) that rivals even the most cost effective of outdoor operations.

River Collective

River is a collective of conscious farmers and producers with roots throughout California. Our producer-members each have a unique brand promise, yet all share a common commitment to quality. We help our members reach greater distances by making distribution affordable through economies of scale. Our team believes that quality, service, and reliability are the foundation for lasting partnership. Join River:

Sunboldt Grown

Sunboldt Grown is a Southern Humboldt original that has been keeping America high for thirty years. Rooted in community values we are here to protect farmers' rights and serve with the sharing of knowledge. We cultivate for medicine as well food; this provides a new perspective on the medicinal value along with the culinary arts. As farmers our focus first and foremost is on the quality of our product over the quantity being produced. Each action taken upon the farm is done with intention to inspire a better world. Being born from the roots of Southern Humboldt we are focused on creating a higher standard for the coming industry.

Winterbourne Farms

Located on the banks of the Mattole River in Honeydew California, our farm has unparalleled, world class cannabis terroir. Honeydew is renowned as the home of the world's finest cannabis flowers, and all our flowers pack this special magic into every gram.